Friday, December 3, 2010

Stacking your money...

Consistently stacking money in front of you can be a fun thing to do, but even the best players eventually hit a snag in the rug and lose a few dollars.  What can you do to ensure that you never run out of money and can continuously have funds available to play poker?  Learn and practice proper poker bankroll management techniques to help you from ever going broke when a downswing hits.

We have heard all of the stories...professional athletes making millions and then going broke, everyday people winning the lottery just to blow it all and end up poorer than they were, and the like.  The same holds true for every day "gamblers."  Although poker is a game of skill, everyone cannot win all of the time, or else everyone would be doing it.

However, how can you prevent going broke while playing poker and successfully move up in stakes along the way?  The only way you can do this is by practicing proper bankroll management.  A few tips to help you along the way include:
-Only play with money that you can afford to lose.  If you cannot live without it, it is not part of your poker bankroll.
-Always have at least 15 full buy-ins for whatever stake you are playing.
-Play freerolls.  They are free.  You can gamble in this with no risk of losing anything, but can gain from them.
-Find rakeback promotions.  For online players, rakeback can be the force that drives your success!
-Never play drunk, angry, or in any other state of mind that could cause you to play bad.

Poker training sites can be of a benefit to those looking to learn proper bankroll management skills.  If you are looking to learn proper bankroll management, this is a great place to start.

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